Current Events

The Tusculum Institute is pleased to sponsor lectures and semi-annual workshops that address

issues in historic preservation, sustainability, and local history.


Annual Teacher's Workshop

Each year we host a June conference for educators to incorporate the study of the built environment (buildings, etc.) and artifacts into the classroom.

The 2015 theme was Farms & Barns: Virginia's Agricultural Heritage.

In spring 2017 we will announce plans for our future workshops.



Slave Cabin Tours

Sweet Briar College was founded on the grounds of an antebellum plantation by the same name. The owner's home, "Sweet Briar House" still stands as does one of the two-dozen slave cabins that once stood nearby. An agricultural overseer, Logan Anderson, lived in this house after emancipation. In the 1910s, a College employee, Sterling Jones, and his family lived in the home for about a decade. Since the 1930s, the College has used the small structure for as a classroom, the Alumnae Office, a farm tool museum, and even a chapel (before the permanent one was built in 1964).

In 2012, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the National Trust for Historic Preservation sponosred a year-long study of the cabin. Dr. Lynn Rainville, working with the recommendations of the cabin advisory council and guided by Dr. Lauranett Lee, created a six-panel exhibit which can be viewed today on self-guided tours.

During the FALL 2016 semester, the cabin is open Monday 330-530, Wednesday 330-530, and Thursday 130-330. The cabin will re-open for visitors in February 2017 when it warms up (there is no heat in the cabin). Click on the link to view a Facebook Photo Album which shows the cabin's changes over a century Read >