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iStories: chapters in the history of an antebellum plantation and southern college for women
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Educational Resources

Between 2015 and 2016, the Tusculum Institute will be publishing half-a-dozen electronic volumes about Sweet Briar that will be freely available. These on-line chapters or iStories will share archaeological, ethnographic, and historic information about the Sweet Briar Plantation and the first hundred years of Sweet Briar College. This research was conduced by Dr. Lynn Rainville between 2001 and 2015. In order to share this information widely and accessibly, these chapters will be posted here as pdf files. These files can be downloaded and read on tablets, printed, or simply read on a computer screen. The anticipated volumes are listed below. The links will be live as soon as they become available (anticipated publications dates are provided in paranthesis).

Slave Cabin Exhibition booklet, a 24-page booklet based on the newly installed exhibition within the Sweet Briar slave cabin. Click here (2.3 MB). Please download the pdf rather than reading it online, some features are not enabled if you read it within a browser window.

Volume 1: Sweet Briar Deathscapes: Monument Hill

Volume 2: Daisy Williams in New York City

Volume 3: Everyday Life on the Sweet Briar Plantation

Volume 4: The Tusculum Institute, a history

Volume 5: Sweet Briar Lands, 1780s-2001

Volume 6: To Be Determined





Over the next year, the Tusculum Institute will release half-a-dozen free histories.

Newly released booklet about the Sweet Briar Slave Cabin (July 2015). Download the pdf file.