Dr. Rainville gives several dozen public lectures each year. She educates and entertains audiences with her signature blend of storytelling and research-based details about everyday life in the past.

2015_LR-ChopSueyBookTalk-BrianPalmerPhoto by Brian Palmer.

Lynn has guest lectured and led seminar-style workshops for:

  • the Virginia Historical Society
  • the Library of Virginia
  • the Archaeological Institute of America
  • Museums and Historical Societies
  • Genealogical groups

Her most popular speaking topics include:

  • God’s Acre: Slave Graveyards in Virginia
  • Invisible Founders: A Discussion with Descendants of Sweet Briar’s Enslaved Community
  • Doing Their Bit: The role of Virginians in the Great War

Please contact her if you are interested in having her speak to your organization. Below is a list of future and past speaking engagements.

Mark Your Calendars for Dr. Rainville’s Upcoming Talks

2018 Book Tour: “Virginia and the Great War”

Purchase the book here.


“Doing their Bit:” the role of Virginia in the Great War

14 January 2018 | 230pm| Amherst Museum & Historical Society

“Doing their Bit:” the surprising role of Virginians in the Great War

22 February 2018 | noon| Banner Lecture, Virginia Historical Society — Learn More

Virginia in the Great War

9 March 2018 | 700pm| Henrico County — Learn more

Virginia in the Great War 

23 March 2018 | 4:00pm| Virginia Festival of the Book (Charlottesville)

Virginia in the Great War

9 April 2018 |noon| Library of Virginia

Virginia in the Great War

19 April 2018 | 530 pm| Old Trail (Crozet)

Virginia in the Great War
28 April 2018 | 230 pm| VMI Leadership Conference

Virginia in the Great War
6 May 2018 | 200 pm| Clarke County

Virginia in the Great War 
22 May2018 | 700 pm| Historical Society of Western Virginia (Roanoke)

Forthcoming book: “Invisible Founders: How Two Centuries of African American Families Transformed a Plantation into a College”Groundskeeper_website

Panel discussion about slavery and American universities

13 April 2018 | TBD| Organization of American Historians, Sacramento

Newest Research: “Paupers and Lunatics: figuring out just which and why Virginians were sent to the poorhouse”


Paupers & Lunatics: caring for the poor in 19th-century Virginia

16 March 2018 | TBD| Virginia History Forum @ Emory & Henry College